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Curious Ginger


Founded on optimism, Curious Ginger is a glass half full kind of blog; a meeting place for big ideas and small comforts - a little fun, a little quirky, a little smart, and a little flirty. A place to aspire, to dream, and to accomplish. A place where those with a brave heart, a curious mind, and an adventurous spirit can come together and just enjoy this wild, crazy, wonderful journey that is life.

Framing Style

Film, Fashion & Style at 24fps

Obsessed with film, I watch them, talk about them, write about them, and that’s when I’m not actually writing them and making them… It’s a passion fuelled in part by a love of fashion and costume design. Film was one of my first introductions to fashion; a gateway to a world of glamour, creativity and individuality that I’m still hoping to find and which I go in search of every day…

Any aspect of film, costume design, fashion, films about fashion, and style on the silver screen is up for exploration and discussion.

WILDsound Movie Reviews

Reviews of some of Hollywoods greatest classic movies. Published under the name Kitt McKenzie


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Kids Domain

Kids Domain UK, was a unique online resource dedicated to the needs of children and adults alike. Following the phenomenal success of its American venture, Kids Domain UK specifically targeted the needs of children, adults and teachers within the United Kingdom.


While working at Kids Domain UK (under the name of Caroline Wheaton) CK wrote content including book/movie/software reviews, crafts & activities content, author interviews, features, news, and educational content. She also developed and wrote a number of original short stories series for early to more confident readers.

Call us: + 800 922 1150

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